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Fatties for how many people?

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Count is up to 50 people how many do you think we need to cook?

Also going to cook a fruit cobler or fruit biscuit of sorts

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Are they big people or small people, and are they bashful or do they jump right in. All the right answers could double the number you have to cook.


Sorry to be a smart allic.


Not sure if the 1/3 rule would work or not. Probably once they get a taste they will eat at least a 1/2 pound before there belly hurts.

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It is going to depend on how big you build your fatties

Figure 1/3 # per person finished product - I usually calculate a 20% loss factor

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Good evening

The breakfast was a success my friend Scott out did him self

12 fatties stuffed with fried eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, Mable syrup

Wrapped with onion sausage & bacon weave smoked with hickory, apple & a little cherry  

Biscuits with sausage gravy, gritts & a cupped biscuit filled with blueberry filling and topped with a sweet glaze

I would like to be showing you pictures but I was using a borrowed camera & well I deleted the pictures when trying to transfer to my computer after it was all said & done we were long on food as usual I would say that when serving fatties with everything we did

1/3 pound a person is plenty Thanks for all the ideas 

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