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Is this cheating?

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I smoked a brisket over the weekend but not in the traditional way that I've seen done here. I mixed a can of beer, one cup of vinegar, some garlic and onion powder in a glass baking dish. Doused the brisket with the dry rub and placed it in the dish and then into the smoker for 5-6 hours.

Have to say it turned out very good. Very moist with a good smoke flavor.

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Was that smoked or boiled? I think when done in an oven in liquid it's called brazing.

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Whatever works! I assume it was uncovered or it might as well have been in the oven. What temp did you smoke at? What internal temp did you hit? And finally:


Pics, or it didn't happen!

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If it wasn't covered, you probably got some good smoke flavor on top of the flavors from the braising liquid. I don't think of it as cheating, just another way to do a brisket. It's all good my friend.

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I have done briskets in the foil pan in the smoker  . They come out great. next time flip it after 3 hrs so that both sides get some smoke.

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I don't think it's cheating and it sounds delicious.  I agree with Pokey though, need pics or it didn't happen.



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We need more info...! Type of smoker, what temps, what wood, what beer,etc......we are a demanding bunch round here. Oh and no pics, it didn't happen. I'm just having fun with you, WELCOME ABOARD! 

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 Sounds like it could work , could you tast the smoke ? Some are trial and error . But some are proven winners . And Welcome , Alot of knowledge out here. happy Smokeing From N.C.

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LOL ok here are more details. I've got to learn the "Q-view" so it's just my word for now. (Its good ! )


I use a Brinkman smoker with fire box on the side, hickory was the wood I used and the beer was Blue Paddle, (New Belgium brewery). Smoked uncovered and I did flip after about 2 1/2 - 3 hours.I used a glass baking dish as I didn't know if the vinegar would have any effect on a foil pan. Turned out great, very moist and tender.



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Hey if it works for you then do it. Specially if it taste good.

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