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NFL Sunday Kickofff!!!!!!

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yeah boy tried some competition style ribs to PERFECTION even though alcohol messed me up and go 2-1.5-1 on these st. louis cuts.  Used modified BRITU rub with a modified margarine sugar honey foil and they came out excellent.  Sweet with some heat, look at those bite marks.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Still got a little brisket cut and a fattie going!   I love football!!!!!!!!!!


***Yeah not much (if any) smoke ring but sooo tender and juicy with good pull, im pumped with the results





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Love it! And I am loving the NFL season start!

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heres mine



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man them ribs look good... i am also a big football fan.... GO G-MEN.............

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Some great looking ribs!    I enjoyed a couple of racks today too...seeing yours now makes me wish I'd have made more. lol 

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Those ribs looked great. There were some great games today too.

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Lookin' good!! I did a couple baby backs yesterday as well! Best way to start off the season! I'm plannin' on getting a few more going after work for the games tonight! Go Chargers!!

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You can join my tailgate party any time you want! Great looking ribs. It's all good my friend.

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