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Today a Turkey

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Okay, I've probally made a few mistakes with this one all ready.


Did not Brine, covered it in Olive Oil, and a rub.  Injected it with a whiskey - apple juice blend, with the rub mixed in for flavor.  I will let it smoke until it gets to 140 degrees.  Re-inject and double foil wrap it, ann add a can under its cavity with whiskey - apple juice blend.


Man I hope this comes out good.  I have grilled them before, never tried to smoke one.  Here goes nothing.  Pictures to follow.

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It will come out just fine. What temp are you looking for a final internal temp? Next time try a brine and then you can compare the difference between the two birds and see what you like the best.

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You had me worried there for a minute when you said smoke to 140 - you need to make sure to take it up to 165 to be safe - sounds like it will be real good with the injection process

We do need some Qview for sure

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I'm looking for about 175-180 internal to the breast.  We are at 156 right now, so getting there about 2 more hours and it should be done.

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So I had my first slice off the turkey breast last night.  It was so juicy that when I cut it I got a small dribble of juice out of it.  Had a slice cold, so good, heated it up, still moist and so so good.  Best turkey I have had in a long time.


Before smoking sitting on the can.



Here it is once smoked, sliced the breast section off.



And here it is on the plate.



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That looks mighty tasty Jacobs !!!




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Mighty fine looking turkey!  It's really surprising how good they are smoked.

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