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Pops6927 made one a while back and I just got the old fridge from a buddy.

Thanks Pops !!!! Here's the link to his

    Gutted it and made a smoke generator from an old propane cylander.(took both valves out and flushed with soapy water)

 cut the top off ,flipped it over for the lid,drilled a 1 inch hole and screwed in a 8 inch long 3/4 inch pipe ,put a nipple i made in the bottom for the air hose and slide right into 1 inch hole on the side of the smoker

  smoking cheese in it now  also had to put a in-line vavle to controll air flow , added top vent and used the vent cover from the parts from left over from UDA builds



cold smoker 1 001.JPG


cold smoker 1 003.JPG


cold smoker 1 004.JPG


cold smoker 1 006.JPG


cold smoker 1 005.JPG