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15 pound Packer

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I got the UDS going with a FULL basket of charcoal and in about 20 minutes I have a nice thick 14.89 pound packer going on.  This is my first brisket on the UDS but not my first brisket by any means I am going to try to keep the heat @ 220 i am thinking 16-18 hours till she is done.  That should have us eating just in time for the noon kickoff games tommarow.  I am cooking with Pecan and lump charcoal.  This is my first time to fill the basket so full so I hope it has enough fuel in it.  If not I can move it into the MES for the last couple of hours or even in the oven if I have too.  I trimmed the hard fat left the packer whole that is how we do them here in Texas.  Gonna put it on the UDS fat up flip a couple of times and wrap in foil just about six hours into it.  Maybe get a couple of naps during the middle of the night.  Qview to come and as usual I am filming my smoke.  I am ready for some football.

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I fell asleep and when I woke up the brisket was @ 205 I guess we are having pulled instead of sliced.  I have never pulled a brisket but I may do it more often the flavor is great and the it was moist and juicy.  Q.view to come later when i wake up again.  This is the first time i fell asleep during a all nighter. My kids have been sick and we have had a couple of rough nights in a row I guess I was just too tired to finish.

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I've been starting my briskets on charcoal/lump and finishing in the MES for a while.  Get a good smoke ring and then not have to babysit it at all.


Where are the pics?

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I hope you wake up pretty soon I can't wait to see your brisket. I took one up to my cousin's house in Jersey and they all went crazy over it too. I took mine to 200° and then sliced it and it worked out just fine. You have to slice it alittle thicker pieces thou but still really tastey to.

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Pics may have to wait until after footballbut be patient they will come

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Like I said I never intended to pull but it came out good so no harm done.





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Looks Great , But think I would be happier smokeing and cooking than watching the Game ,

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yummmmmy.... wanna bring me some?

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