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Beef Rib Rub

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Anyone have a good beef rib rub they would like to share?  Thanks

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Are you making Brisket?? I have used Cookshack beef rub and I really like that. But a lot of people like to keep it simple with beef. Usually just a bit of garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper will make a great rub. Sorry I don't have a specific rub I use because keeping it simple turns out great for me.

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Thats the way I like it.  Salt and Pepper.  Let that pricey beef come out.


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Here are a couple of rubs that I have saved in my smoking records that I want to try some day. If you give them a try let me know how you like them.


Bears Rub

2 TBL Garlic Powder
2 TBL Onion Powder
2 TBL Salt
2 TBL Pepper
1 TBL Thyme
1 C Brown Sugar




Britts Rub

2 TBL Salt
2 TBL Pepper
1 TBL Chipolte Powder
   (Cheyenne pepper will work as a pour substitute)
1 TBL Cumin
1 TBL Garlic Powder
1 TBL Onion Powder
1 TBL Brown Sugar

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Try this.  it works great with beef ribs.  I always use a good sweet and spicy sauce to finish in the last hour of cooking. 


½ cup Turbinado (raw) sugar

3 TBsp Kosher salt

2 TBsp Onion powder

2 TBsp Garlic powder

1 ½ TBsp black pepper

1 Tsp  ground Thyme

1 Tsp Red pepper flakes ( double or triple this if you like things spicy)

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