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Todays spareribs

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I wasn't gonna finish these today, but figured what the hell, we should have time to eat before we have to go to my sons football game.


Out of the fridge after sitting overnight in the rub, waiting for the GOSM to heat up


9-5-10 smoke 003.jpg



Coming along nicely


9-5-10 smoke 004.jpg



Ahh, all done



9-5-10 smoke 006.jpg


Nice ring goin' on


9-5-10 smoke 007.jpg


hope you enjoyed the qview.

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Nice ribs! I assume you don't foil?

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Originally Posted by Pokey View Post

Nice ribs! I assume you don't foil?

No, I did, I used the 3,2,1 method

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Yes your ribs look spectacular and it has a killer smoke ring too.

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