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I googled that attachment, but from what I have read, they don't make it anymore. I fired off an email to Traeger to verify... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

No...Traeger does not make a cold-smoke attachment for their smokers/grills. Looks like either a hotplate or the AMS for me... PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif

if it is discontinued some places still might have one.........i know some one who bought one about a month ago. i'll see if i can find out some more info........

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Funny, I just bought one from Traeger. Delivering today.

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2 1/2 year old thread
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I recently acquired a traeger and want to cold smoke this winter when the temps drop. Where in the traeger did you position the AMNPS and cheese? Looking forward to your reply and/or anyone else who has used the AMNPS in a Traeger.
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I have used both the AMNPS and the tube smoker with good results - back left corner of my Traeger Texas (BBQ075) provides the best draft to keep the pellets smoking.  If you have good supply of ice, you don't need to wait until winter.  A lot of different ways but my method is big pan of ice, grate off my other grill on top and cheese on the grate.  If you keep the smoker in the shade, you should be able to keep temp cool enough to minimize cheese sweating.


I also cold smoke (sans ice) diced tomatoes and onions for Mrs. awesome Bolognese sauce.

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DuaneS thanks for the info.

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Yes have used the p settings to reduce Temperature. A couple of issues. One if you go above p4 or p5 the flow of pellets is so slow that one of these 2 problems have occurred and I've had both. 1. Had a flame out and all my pellets went into the smoker without burning. Getting 15 # of pellets out of your smoking chamber is no fun.
2 the second and more serious was the fire went back up the auger tube and started smoking the wood in my pellet container. Extinguished the fire but lost the pellets and had a huge job of clean up. Talked to traeger and they replaced my grill and told me to be careful with p settings above 4. Saying it goes to 9 doesn't mean a lot .
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I just bought me a Traeger Texas Grill. 

I am looking into getting the cold smoke attachment. After reading some previous threads I found out that Traeger still offers the Cold Smoke attachment.


I got ahold of customer support and they said that they still sell it and that it is also on their website under accessories almost to the bottom, but it will only fit  "Lil' Tex/Elite and Texas Grills only."


 I also never knew about the "P" setting. I have been on other websites and Youtube watching them and I didn't quite understand them, but this forum is much better and more helpful!

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I have used the p settings on numerous occasions. The P2 is the default and the p settings go from P1-P9. The higher the number the cooler the setting or the less pellets get released into the fire pot. Let me give you a caution. After a fire that went up into my pellet hopper and a flame out using the higher p settings that put the contents of my hopper into the smoking drum to try and get the temperature down I called traeger and they recommended not going above p4 or 5. I have used p4 and here's my take. Each p setting is the equivalent of about 10 degrees assuming the same outside temperature

I a bigger influence on smoker temperature is outside ambient temperature. I quite often smoke brisket overnight on the standard p2 setting. During daytime with 75-80 degree outside temperature my default runs from 190-200. If I put it in after dark the same setting is 150-160. The best way to check it is to use 30 minute tests during the time you most often smoke. It takes about 30 minutes for the new temperature to stabilize. I open the smoker change the p setting let it go for 5-7 minutes close it up and let it run for 20 minutes or so and check the temperature. I have for my smoker got a pretty good idea of what temperature I'm going to get based on the P settings and the outside temperature temperature and amount of sun warming the smoker

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@ Drboborr


Thank you. I have a quick question. 

I have a propane smoker that will smoke at 225F.

My Traeger will get up to 180-200 in Smoke mode. Is this the norm? I have not played around at all with the "P" setting it is still at factory default. 

Should I smoke my meat differently?...what i mean by that is should I do the same thing as I usually do with my Propane, but just add more hours to smoke for my Traeger? OR...should I put it in smoke mode for a few hours then turn it to a higher degree to finish it off the last hour or so depending on the meat??



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180 to 200 is pretty normal for the smoke setting at p2 on a traeger and if I need it lower I move the p setting up one to p3. Normally do this during the summer as I often put stuff in the smoker when I go to work to have for dinner and I don't want it to dry out but get a deep smoke. Also when the sun beats down as it does in southern california the sun on the hot black paint of the smoker quite often can push the temperature to 225 even on the smoke setting at ps2 If the meat that is on that has a tendency to dry out or needs a long cook time to be tender I usually wrap the meet for the last hour and depending on the meat with a little braising liquid such as a mixture of beef stock red wine worchestire garlic. It adds some flavor and keeps the meat hydrated.

Never used a propane but have smoked chicken and ribs on the traeger at 225 so I assume you could do it on the propane at that temp with good results. 

2 other tips that help.I have an old pie pan that i fill with water and put in the smoker with the meat and it keeps it moist and smokey in the chamber. Also the rub should not have too much salt as salt drys meat out and either barbecue sauce  or additional salt can be added after. My rub has 1/4 cup of salt in total for 4 cups of rub. Everyone who tried it says they can't believe the difference it makes. Traeger rubs have way too much salt and apart from meats or vegetable that are quick cook or smoke I wouldn't use them

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One other thing. Turn the traeger to the 180 setting and see what the real temperature is. If it gets to 220 or so that probably going to be good or take the standard smoke setting and move it to p1. You will probably based on a variety of factors using the temperature and p  setting get yourself a smoke temperature that is what you want for the meat selected temperature

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I wasn't going to spend the money for the Traeger Cold Smoker add on. I simply used the A-maze-N Smoker and frozen bottle of water.  When ready to cold smoke in the Traeger, I place the lit A-maze-N Smoker on the grill, then place a couple bottles of frozen around the A-maze-N Smoker. Then place the vegetables, meats, nuts, cheeses, olive oil, flour and any thing else that might need a smoke flavor like Kosher salt or your favorite spices, Paprika. On the meats, if not already frozen, I place them in a tray which is setting on top of a frozen bottle of water. This helps to maintain a cold temp.

In the picture, the A-maze-N Smoker is shown with the frozen water bottles around it. One bottle is on the lower shelf while the second bottle is on the upper shelf (warming shelf). I did not take a picture of what was being smoked at the time.

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