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Spare Rib Question

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I had prepared some spareribs last night to smoke today, so here is my problem, I had a brain fart, and forgot today was Friday, and that my oldest has an away Football game tonight, and we have a family birthday party to go to tomorrow, so my question is, can I leave them in the fridge until Sunday to smoke them, they are double wrapped in both plastic wrap, and aluminum foil, or should I just smoke them today, and just reheat them on Sunday ?

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When you say you prepared them are you talking about just trimming or did you also rub them?

If you only trimmed them and  them you are fine.

If you rubbed them and there was salt in the rub you are going to pull some of the moisture out and they could be a bit salty and dry but you could always spritz them to help with the dryness 

Since I don't know exactly what you did it is hard to give specific advise.   To me the most inportant issue would be the expiration date on the package but even that is not too critical as long as it is not more than a couple of days past  

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I had put my rub on them, I decided to go ahead and smoke them for 3 hours, then foil and put back on for another 2 hours, then I'll pull them off, and throw them on the grill on Sunday to finish them up.

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I would finish the ribs if you can and then re-heat sunday if I were you.

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