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Pork Tenderloin and my 1st qview!

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This past Saturday I was a little bit bored and wanted to smoke something for dinner.  Making this decision at about 3pm didn't leave a whole lot of time to do much, but further inspection of my meat selections gave me an idea...PORK TENDERLOIN!


Now I only have to feed me and my girlfriend, so we're talking probably a 2lb tenderloin.  Also, staying aware of the lack of fat on this specific cut of pork made me realize I would have to take special precautions to keep this tasty little piece from drying out.


Solution? BACON!


After trimming off any silver skin I found, I decided to shake a moderate coating of Montreal Steak Seasoning on the tenderloin.  I use this very frequently when grilling a tenderloin, and figured it would translate well into the smoking application as well.


Then came the bacon wrap.  Using a Oscar Meyer Center Cut packaged bacon, I started at one end and then wrapped the whole way to the other.  I would start each consecutive piece about one inch overlapping the previous piece and wrap so about a quarter of an inch of the slice stayed tucked under the next piece.  This held really well and only required one toothpick to hold the last piece in place.


I won't ramble on any longer about this other than to say this meal was INCREDIBLE!  I was super pleased with the tenderness, hickory smoke flavoring was perfect, the smoke ring was excellent (sorry, Blackberry pics of it sucked) and it only took about 1.5hrs to do!  I pulled it off when I hit an internal temp of 160 degrees. 


There is no doubt I will be doing this one again considering how cheap tenderloin can be, and maybe next time I will use Jeff's rub under the bacon instead of the Montreal Steak Seasoning.


Here's to my first qview!  Sorry there aren't more photos.





And the finished product:


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Looks like you did real well with this one - Congrats on a great looking smoke

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awesome, looks like a giant pork spliff.  i never had much luck with tenderloin on the smoker, looks like this might be the solution.

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"giant pork spliff"


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Next time try two strips of loin.

Season the strips with a dry rub of your choice, I use a basic herb so as not to over power the pork, then bind the two strips into a roast of decent size so it can dweel in the smoker for a while with a basket weave of bacon. Works well and tastes great with some hickory chunks for smoke flavor.

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That looks mighty tasty !


You did cheat a little. IMO you could wrap Bacon around an old oak root, and it would taste good---But then that's me.



Thanks for showing,


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Looks great congrats

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That looks like some good eats.  Well done!

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Pork wrapped pork, it doesnt get much better than that.

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