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I got the achin'

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For some bacon last week so I trimmed out a couple of loins for CB and some snack meat. I got a boston that was cut in half so i boned them along with some butt scraps the meat cutter wrapped up for a Managers Special.

I got the scraps and the buckboard on the racks and the CB hanging on the bent skewers.

Does anyone else trim the white meat from the red when doing CB? It makes it look alot nicer when sliced in IMHO. I used TQ and a touch of maple syrup for 7 days..


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looks good pete..........and i actually like the look of the 2 meats together when sliced.

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Thanx Rob, I can't wait to run some of this across my slicer..

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i just used a rib knife.............you might want to put it in the freezer for a spell to make it easer to slice.

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Looks like somebody is gonna be eating good!!!

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Oh ho----Makin' some good stuff there P4B !


I don't cut anything off of my CB or my BBB, unless there is a real heavy cap on the Butt. I like a little fat on my CB and a lot of marbling in my BBB, with maybe 1/4" on the outside.

Also I like to take my CB to 160˚, so I can eat it cold or just warm it up before eating. I worried about that the first time, but it didn't get dry taking it to 160˚.


The last CB I made I cut most of it into half inch slices for "Boneless Smoked Pork Chops" (Awesome).

If you'd like, check that name in my signature below.


Can't wait for your finale,


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Oh--BTW Pit 4 Brains,

Don't listen to Chefrob about slicing it with a knife. I think he's some kind of a Ninja Warrior!




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Don't listen to Chefrob about slicing it with a knife. I think he's some kind of a Ninja Warrior!


 He did mention some sort of implement called a "rib knife". I'm unfamiliar with this technology so i opted to get a slicer..


I don't mind being the only one to seperate the muscles for CB. It keeps my knife work up to speed..


I'm headed to the 160 mark today just because I have such a variety in the smoker; I don't want to have to probe all the diffrent meats..

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Oh--BTW Pit 4 Brains,

Don't listen to Chefrob about slicing it with a knife. I think he's some kind of a Ninja Warrior!



LOL..........if i was i prolly would have used a scimitar



but i was talking about what we use for prime ribs........


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We're at 127 on the thickest loin. I guess I'll dip a thermo in some of the smaller ones and pull as required...


Pistacio smoke today BTW..


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lookin good!  where did ya get it..............bbq island or in mesa?

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From that dude in Mesa a while back.. Good smellin wood and makes a nice even smoke without burning up. Hard as nails though..

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So I have my GOSM humming along on propane all this time. The next thing I know, I glance at the thermos and my smoker temp is 131..! Uhh Oh...

Go figure, out of propane. No biggie, just take the tank off the grill. Did that, back to temp.. Then the wife calls on the way home from school. OH Shat!, I gotta cook dinner and that chicken in the fridge is on the menu. No prob! I got inside in time to spatchcock the bird (that still had the neck on and one in the cavity), get it into some marinade and get outside to light the grill.

click, click, click...wtf?.. OYGBSM right? My grill tank is fueling my bacon. No prob, I have a nice bank of coals in the chipbox, I'll add some wood, open the lowers and remove propane..

I tell ya, you have to be prepared for anything. The bacon is ok over a pile of wood and my chicken is going on the grill...

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Got the chicken done and the smoker back on propane... Bacon is done.

Here's my supply of CB



My red loin meat and butt scraps on the left and my bbb on the right..




and my two-necked chicken..



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nice color on that bacon!

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Great looking post man

It all looks great and I would eat a big plate of it anytime

Cant do points so thumbs up

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Great coloring on the Bacon.  Wish I had some over here right now.....Thumbs up friend.

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Not fair making all those little pieces of Bacon----You get soooooo many of the best tasting part---The Ends!




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BRAVO there Pete that bacon looks awesome. Now I do like the bottom knife thou. The Henkel twin is one really good knife too. I hhave to make me some more bacon really soon. I have maybe 2 sammies worth of bacon left.

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Nice P4B, that's some sweet lookin bacon, I hate running out of propane mid smoke, luckily I have a hardware store a block away, I've had that happen to me before...

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