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Labor Day Weekend Smoke for a friend - Brisket, Burnt Ends -- some Q-view

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This was my first time to try burnt ends. They tasted great but not totally sure I did it right? They were a bit chewy?


The pic where it’s sitting in a casserole dish is a 9x13 so you can tell it’s a pretty small brisket. I took the whole thing to 175. Meant to pull it at 170 but it went from 165 to 175 really fast! Next I cut the point. I guessed at where to cut it. Cubed up what I cut. Gave it more of Jeff's rub and a spray of apple juice then a thin sprinkle of dark brown sugar on top to make sure these tasted sweeter than the brisket did. I sprayed the brisket with apple juice, wrapped it up tight and back in the smoker. The brisket lost 15 degrees in this process. I should have sprayed and wrapped it and put it back in the smoker before messing with the burnt ends I guess. I just never dreamed it would cool off that fast. All the meat back in the smoker. Pulled the brisket out at 191. I’ve read where others go to 200 / 205. I think 191 worked out good for me? I pulled the burnt ends at the same time. I wasn't sure how to temp them so i just tasted them and they sure seemed done. Flavor was great but as I mentioned above... a bit chewy. Sorry there is no pic of the finished brisket. I've been having some camera trouble lately.


I look forward to feed back as the brisket is certainly the cut I have the least confidence in.



Smoke Chef








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How long did you have the burt ends back in the smoker once you cut them up and added all the goodies? I usually put mine back on for 2-3 hours depending on how much of a time crunch I am working with. Also if I remember right I usually don't cut mine up until it reaches 195 or what every my end target is. Once I have reached my end target/internal temp I cut up the point add my rub and sauce then throw them back on the smoker for 2-3 hours. Not saying this is the only way to do it but I have alway has good luck doing it this way. Hopefully others will chime in soon and give their prefered methods very soon. I am normally resting my brisket in foil in the cooler with towels while I am finishing my burnt ends.

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Looks good

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Thanks bmudd


rbranstner... maybe that's what I did wrong. I pulled them when the flat hit 190. It was probably 2 hours from the time I chopped them? So, it seems like I took them out to soon. I look forward to trying this again. I'll take them longer next time.

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