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doing my first smoke

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i decided i was doing a pork shoulder in my smoker today

on saturday i made a rub and rubbed the shoulder down and wrapped it in plastic wrap and set in in the fridgerator till this morning

i soaked my hickory chips overnight in water

i got up this morning and got everything set up

i think i may have rushed on waiting for the charcoal turn compleatly white before starting or didnt use enough to get started because it took a while to get the temp up

i got this meat thermometer that is wireless from wal-mart (i think it was a good $16 investment)

its been on for about 6 hours now and its up to 157 degrees

i got some pics now and will take some more lateriowa 80 & labor day smoke 011.JPGsmoker 005.JPGiowa 80 & labor day smoke 009.JPG

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OK i forgot to get the pics when it was finished, i guess i was in too big of a hurry--lol

i done a 9 pound bone-in pork shoulder and it got to temp in about 7 hours

i let it sit wrapped with foil for about an hour

it was tender but not fall off the bone tender

it was moist and had good flavor


i did learn a few things like i need to watch my water pan( i let it get dry)

i used match-light charcoal, i think i will get a chimney and some regular charcoal

also i think a spray bottle to spray what I'm smoking down


all in all i think i did pretty good for my first time

definitely was a learning experience

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Sounds like a great success!!  Way to go.

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If you liked it, it was a good smoke, and it sounds like you learned from the experience. That’s what makes it a good smoke in my book.


 Welcome aboard

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Sounds like a great smoke.

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congrats to you.

A chimney is the way to go.

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Great first smoke!  Did you slice it or want to pull it?  You may also want to pick up another probe to monitor your chamber temps.  

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i was going to pull it but it didnt want to come loose so i cut it with a knife

 i was thinking about getting somthing for keeping tab on the temp of the unit


thanks everyone for your coments

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Congrats on your adventure!!!  Its ok about the pics, LOL I think the mods let ya slide once or twice before they put you in time out. I would go with the regular charcoal instead of the matchlight. JMO.

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fall off the bone vs slicing. fine line there. if the taste is good, you're splttin' hairs!  they both pork, they both butt, but at the same time, a bit apples and oranges.  had to pull a butt sooner than i'd like the other day, sliced and delicious!  but, for those who could wait until it fell apart, well, different experience but all happy.

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Originally Posted by chopper103in View Post

i was going to pull it but it didnt want to come loose so i cut it with a knife


For pulled you'll want to take the internal meat temp to 195* - 205*.  Here's a great article on Pulled Pork Smoke.

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