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Molasses Questions

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What is the diffrences in the type of molasses that you would use ? Would it be the Sugar content?

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We only have one choice here-Grandma's. Used to use Bre'r rabbit at one time. Unsure about sugar content.

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I like the unsulphured blackstrap molasses it has 11 g of sugar per serving and a whopping 600 mg of potassium, versus another brand I have on hand that's Golding Farms molasses it has 15 g of sugar per serving and 130 mg of potassium. The blackstrap is better IMO. I also use boiled cider, which I love! It has no sugar added and is apple cider evaporated down into a syrup. Great on pork.

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thanks for you advice on this.

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Now we know

I always wondeed what the differance was, but I never read the label

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I like to use "homemade" molasses. You can usually find them at farmers markets or local Amish communities, but I don't have a clue about the sugar content.

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If you can find it get a can or bottle of cane syrup. steens is the most known brand

 it's darklike molasses but i thinkit taste better.

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Oh man, I love cane syrup. Being down here in the south we can get it straight from the plantations. That is gooooood stuff. Very, very sweet though. If you want a good sugar buzz just eat a spoonful of cane syrup!

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 I just picked up a quart of good fresh molasses Thursday. I wonder if you could get them to flow through an IV needle?

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