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Chicken issues

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Ok so I need some help. I got my new WSM 22.5 in, seasoned it and smoked some chickens. I sat them up on my whole chicken holder, seasoned it with some Caribbean Jerk season and set them in the smoker. I had an issue with temp probe placement and couldn't get accurate readings on internal temps so I went by smoker temp and time. The next issue I had was that I could not get the temp to hold at 250 and it kept fluctuating between 250- 290. When my chicken was finished it looked great and tasted good but the skin was like trying to bite through a brown paper bag.


Any recommendations?

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For crispy skin I smoke at a higher temp 325.  Mayo or evoo also helps

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I personally like the soft moist skin. As for the temp rising on the smoker, it was 88 degrees out and the wind was blowing on and off. I closed all 3 bottom vents and the temp still continued to stay high. I even pulled the lid off for about 10 minutes and as soon as I put it back on the temp shot back up to around 280.


I used Royal hardwood briquettes for my coal (and quite a bit of them) with 3 pieces of wood for smoke. Should I use the lump coal instead?

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I like to finish my chicken on the grill for just a few minutes to crisp up the skin - if not lke others have said raise your temp to 325

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