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Turkey and Ham

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I'm smoking a turkey breast and a spiral ham today, got my parents coming over for dinner.

I brined the turkey last night, injected it using travcoman45 recipes for both. I brushed it with evoo, and some cbp, and I'm spritzing it every 1/2 hour with a mix of apple juice and Jim Beam Stag ( the Black Cherry flavor).



09-04-10 Smoke 003.jpg


The ham I'm using the coffee mop sauce on


09-04-10 Smoke 004.jpg



My set up, the Kenmore Hybrid as I call it, the GOSM, and Izzy my BBQ companion


09-04-10 Smoke 005.jpg



A close look @ my BBQ companion


09-04-10 Smoke 006.jpg

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What was the food safety question?

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Oh yeah, do you think its safe to have her out there with me, I might slip and fall due to her drooling.

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Izzy doesn't look like a big drooler---no more than most members on this forum. Just don't drag your feet!

Now were she a Lab, that would be another story---like get some hipboots!




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Just an update


the bird


09-04-10 Smoke 2 002.jpg


the ham


09-04-10 Smoke 2 001.jpg

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Coming along nicely, the bird is at 155*, and the ham at 148*, I just turned up the heat to get 325* to crisp the skin on the bird

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Here ya go, thanks for checking out my Sunday smoke


the bird, unfortunately I didn't get any pics after carving, the people wouldn't wait


9-5-10 smoke 001.jpg


The turkey was very juicy thanks for the recipes travcoman45


What was left of the ham


9-5-10 smoke 002.jpg


The coffee mop sauce was mighty tasty

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It all looks great from here . Dang it .They still don't have smell-o-vision.

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