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Teps71's First Brisket

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Well, here it goes. My first try at a brisket. 6.7 lbs with a great fat cap. I threw some bacon over the thicker end just to make sure it gets covered too. Went in at 6:15 this morning into the Brinkmann gasser cabinet smoker. Been holding 224 since I put it in. We'll see what happens once the sun starts to beat down on that cabinet. It usually sits at 180 degrees just with the sun hitting it, so it just sips the gas! We're hoping to slice this puppy up for dinner tonight. If it doesn't turn out, we've got burgers to char as a backup. Keep your fingers crossed!




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looking good so far

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First lesson: I now understand what is meant by splitting the brisket. Not sure what portion of the brisket this is only weighing 6.7 lbs, but as it has cooked it has begun to split. Too late now, it's going the way it is. The probe is still in the thickest portion, so I should be good watching the temps still.

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While it may not have won me any awards on the circuit, it sure came out great! There was just one small section that was a little dry, the rest was fantastic - moist and flavorful. I will certainly try this again! Total cook time was 10 hours 15 minutes. Temp stayed between 220 and 235. Not too shabby for a first crack at it.



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Not to shabby at all.

 congrats on the first briskey.

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Looks great!    Almost looks like someone split a packer down the middle and you got the point end??

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