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Pops, Here is the result that you inspired me to create...I did have the problem with keeping temps down in my smoker, so I hot smoked it at 225F until I got internal temp of 165 (pretty uniformly...I stuck the thermometer in several places i/e thick of thigh, breast on both sides. It is definitely juicy and resting atm. Cured, smoked roast turkey for New Years Eve dinner. Thank you for your massively helpful tutorial thumb.gif

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Looks delicious and I hope you and your guests enjoy it!  Please post some pics of the results and the party!  Happy New Year!

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Sorry Pops, It was just my family (wife and 5 kids), and most of it disappeared as fast as I carved it (Seriously...I turned my back, literally for two seconds to grab my sharpening steel, and a drumstick and wing disappeared". The term"no chewing required, melts in the mouth" springs to mind. Thanks again, best turkey I have ever had...including restaurants!

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Pops, thank you :) Here is a pic of (part of ) our Christmas dinner...The maple syrup/dijon mustard glazed ham is still in the smoker.


Followed your recipe...but hot smoked it, with butter and bacon grease under the skin (I always fail with the skin...turns to leather, when I slow cook it) :D

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Looks GREAT hope mine turn out that good

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