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Starting my smoking career tomorrow.

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Well guys the day has finally come. Tomorrow I'll be getting my very first smoker. I have been a member on here for a few months now and have read and learned so much...It's finally going to pay off, all the hours of reading on this website and learning the tricks. Hopefully my 1st run tomorrow will be good so my labor day ribs will be great. My plan is to cook a rack of ribs tomorrow and try to get the bugs out before monday. I have already removed the membrane, cut into st louis style and purchased jeffs rub n sauce recipes. I've already made the rub recipe and I love it. Tomorrow im going to make the bbq sauce. I wouldve today, but when i went to the store to fetch the ingredients, i forgot my list, and forgot a couple key things for it. Anyway, wish me luck. I will try to post pics if i can figure out how. Thanks.

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let the addiction begin. welcome to the smoke side

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welcome to the addiction.

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Thanks man...since I've been on here I've been stuck cooking ribs in the oven using the 3-2-1 method. But you know what, they have turned out pretty decent. Also for tomorrow im going to experiment with Orange pineapple juice for my spritz and for when I wrap the ribs. Has anyone ever used that combo before? 

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Good Luck with the madien voyage.


Posting pics is a breeze, if you can save um to the computer you can post them even easier. Click the pic icon, browse your computer, locate the pic you want and then select it. Wa-Laa you are well on your way to posting pics.


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Good to here your going for it, good luck on your first smoke!!

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Hey guys I have another quick question. I'm going to use a combo of apple wood chips and mesquite chips for my smoke im about to start. Im smoking some sausage and pork loin. I have a brinkman I wrap the chips in foil or just throw them right on the lava rocks?

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Personally I would do foil packs with some holes poked in them good luck with the smoke

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Good luck on first smoke

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Depending on whether the ribs are beef or pork I might have used different woods.


The apple is fine as it has a milder flavor but I tend to restrict mesquite for beef and use hickory more for pork. Apple, Oak etc. are good base woods while I look to mesquite and hickory for adding distinct flavors that marry well with particuilar flavors of meat. I suppose I look at it in the same way as choosing particular wines to go with with particular meat dishes.


Then again it always does boil down to a matter of individual taste and personal preferences built up over time. That must be at least half the fun, I know it is for me. It's not arriving, it's in the getting there.

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Well guys my 1st smoke today went off pretty good. I smoked some italian sausage I had to cook and a hormel garlic and herb tenderloin. I used Apple and mesquite wood with a combination of 75-25 apple to mesquite. The sausage didnt really pick up that much smoke i guess cause the casing, but the tenderloin had nice smoke flavor and a nice little ring. My loin was a little one at just under 28oz...the smoker stayed nice and tru at about 215-220 and I pulled it off the smoker at a internal temp of 155. Tomorrow im doing to racks of ribs and a small 3.7lb butt rubbed with jeffs rub, I have them already rubbed and ready to go in the morning. Also I'm going to make some wicked baked beans on the smoker. Along with some corn maybe. cant wait. I'll try to get Qview up tomorrow.

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For your first smoke job I would stay away from mesquite and stick to the apple. Mesquite can get out of hand quick. Apple is a friendly wood and a great one to start out with untill you get a feel for smoking. Don't forget the qview.

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Congrats on a first successful smoke - we need to see the qview though or it did not happen

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I just got the two racks of ribs and the 4 lb butt on the smoker about a hour ago....I'll get the qview up in a little bit. I'd figure for this smoke to stay away form the mesquite. I'm doing nothing but apple.It smells great.

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cool man cant wait for the qview. I've got two labor day racks on myself, never done them before so hopefully all goes well!

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