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Rib Roast, Like it!

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Did this today for dinner and sammies.  Oh well, sammies will have to wait for next time.

Used the UDS oak and hickory.  Temps were higher then I'd like.  They hung at 250ish for the entire smoke.  I even closed the pipe and the ball valve to lower them.  Sunny and windy, maybe the cause.

Took her to 140 f.  Still a little rare around the bones, they were down.  As per earlier post.  Let her rest for a hour tented with foil.

With home ground horseradish!   Had to make a beer run.

Nap time, enjoy.





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Oh my, that looks great...dang, gotta clean the drool from the keyboard!! Great looking meat!!

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Man, that looks perfect (insert drool smiley here!)

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Yup, that looks perfect.  so, what kind of beer do you serve with that?

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looks greatand gotta love the fresh horsey!

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That looks awesome

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