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entering the 5th hour of a stall

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butts went on at midnight so they would have plenty of time to get done and rest in the cooler for a couple of hours....or so i thought.  Here we are 10.5 hours later and been sitting steady at 156 since around 6am.  never had one stall this long before.  I moved the probe and also probed the second butt, it also reads 156.  JOY!!!!  i hope it gets through this soon, need to eat by 630!!

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Did you check the probe with boiling water to make sure they are working.  What is the size of the butt and what temp are you cooking at

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Wow, that's a long stall !

What temp is your smoker set at?




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Take a big fork and stab them deep or go ahead and foil them if you were gonna foil either way it should beak the stall

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I've been cooking at around 232ish the whole smoke, butts are about 7.5lbs each.  I hadn't planned on foiling, only bc i don't want to soften the bark too much.  It finally started climbing a little but very's at about 168 now after 13 hours in the smoker.  How will it affect the meat if i crank the temp up to about 275 to get it moving along a little faster??  Is that a bad idea??  I did check the probe last night it was almost spot on.  Thanks for the help.

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I had similar issues a couple weeks ago and have tried to smoke my last 3 butts without foiling and had major stalls at 225*.  Someone here recommended smoking butts at temps of 250* to 270* which I am going to try on my next one tomorrow or Monday.  Having said that, I don't think you'll have any issues if you bump the chamber temps up.

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I did an 8 pound butt at 250 degrees today and it took close to 9 hours with no major stalls.  (Although I must admit I didn't even put in my thermometer until 5 hours in so I might have missed it) When I put it in for the first time it was 155. In the next 4 hours I took it to 205 (foiled from 165 on) and towel/blanket wrapped in the cooler for 2 hours. Just finished pulling it and got about 5 pounds of nice pulled pork. Sitting in the fridge to be reheated and eaten at my moms tomorrow. Can't wait.

Good luck with yours.

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