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Smoking some cheese

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Well it's finally cool enough in Nashville to try some cheese.  The "cold spell" won't last long.   I've got some Parm, Asiago, Colby Jack, Mozz and a tomato-basil Cheddar.  Loaded the A-maze-n smoker with apple.  Will see how it goes.


Ya'll have a great Labor day!





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Hope ya have a great smoke and enjoy the cooler temps. I'm looking forward to smoking some cheese myself if it ever cools off down here 

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Make a pencil map of what you have.  Sometimes after they get smoked, its not as easy to tell.


Do you have a foodsaver vacumn to seal them up to cure for two weeks?

Our temp today was 90F +, but tomorrow is supposed to be only about 80F.  I'd be smoking cheese except that I have quite a load in the spare frig that needs to cure for another week before we can do a taste test.


Good luck with it -- I'd recommend doing one row of the AMNS for a longer time.  Two rows and the middle lit up can raise the temp from 80 to 95 or more.  One row will give a longer gentler smoke without raising the temp as much.

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Nice start and can't wait for the end product.


While you're at it, throw some coarse salt on a paper plate and you'll end up with some nice smoked cheese.


I really like Dale's Map Idea.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Hi guys,


The cheese looked fantastic and tastes awfully darn good too.  I'm letting it rest for the next week or so.  I don't have a food saver yet, but I understand that the Birthday fairy has one on the way.


Thanks for looking!





finished chees.jpg

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Congrats on a great cheese smoke - you are now officially hooked

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Looking good, I'm really interested in the Asiago cheese.

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that looks good, we are waiting also for the temps to go down and smoke some

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Great Looking Cheese!!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great job! We are getting a few cooler days and I can't wait to get some cheese smokin'! I've been wondering about the Asiago myself. Looking forward to see what you have to say about it!

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Looks great now ive gotta try some

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