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Doing a Prime Rib and Buffalo

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Well I was not real sure where to put this. Tomorrow I am smoking a prime Rib (did plenty of searching and think I have that one down pat) I also have been given a Buffalo Arm Roast - any clue on if this is doable in my UDS and what cut of meat is it compared to?

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I never did any Buffalo, and I can't help with the UDS questions.


I'm sure somebody will be along to help with that, but meanwhile maybe you can learn something from this site:




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Thanks Bear!! Checking it out now

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I have Q'd and smoked quite a bit of buffalo in the last 13 years, my father in law has two quarter's of buffalo pasture right beside my house; good eating !!!


Just treat it like a lean piece of meat, low n' slow, a water tray in the smoker will help the meat from getting too dry. Can also smoke it while it rests in a pan of au jus like you might do with prime rib. Bacon around the roast will help also, this is a preference deal cause meat wrapped bacon will not get a nice bark on it from your smoker. Injecting with marinade is another thought but not something I do, just low 225º smoking temps, spritzing every hour and follow beef temps for your preference from rare to well done.


Look forward to hearing how it turns out for you and hopefully seeing pic's of the smoke !!!

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Thanks Mossy! Will post some Q View as soona s I get it going.

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any idea on time for this is a small one only around 2.7 lbs

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I would think 4 to 6 hours.....

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