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My ET 73s

Rubber Electrician Gloves,

My knives

SpitJack injector

Cooky Sheets once meat is wrapped helps handle without tearing the foil

15lb vertical stuffer,

Oh hellllll   I got a lot a stuff

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Originally Posted by dale5351 View Post

I have to ask -- what is a BBQ Guru?


I forgot to mention my probe thermometer -- I have a Taylor.  Not remote, but it works fine sitting on top of the smoker.

A BBQ Guru is an automated temperature control system.  If you google bbq temperature control, you will get the web addresses for the 2 most popular commercial control systems.  Ironically, the 3rd result is a video to my first prototype control system.

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As far as most handy GADGET, that would be my ET73. Not a necessity like the smoker is but the most handy gadget that makes life just that much easier. 

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I would have to say that all of those things are indeed important. I am curious to see if anyone uses something innovative to  help make jobs easier..something you would never think of...looking for the creative ideas that i haven't thought of yet...

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weed burner to start the wood for the smoker hasnt been mentioned. 


another fav of mine is the stainless shaker for my rub mixes...makes it a lot easier to put the rub on and clean up after use, keep the rub in a resealable glass container until needed


other than that i keep it pretty simple, injector, disposable aluminum pans, thermometers, tongs, bear claws, rib rack....

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what kind of rib rack are you using? how many racks can you get on it ?

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For a stick and charcoal burners, there are the electronic controlled stoker fans. They are indeed a big labor saver and you might even say they are food savers too.  

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I have a camo foam cylinder that is approximately 4 inches long.  I use it to keep my beer cold.  Handiest damn thing i have ever had.

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I dont have a clue what kind of rib rack it is, my wife bought it for me for christmas one year and that was several years ago.  I had to modify it to fit into my old smoker, i.e. cut off the handles because it wouldnt fit into my smoker.  It will hold 5 racks of ribs.  So when buying one, make sure it will fit into the smoker.  They are a definite space saver so you have plenty of room for other goodies.  With my new smoker, it wouldnt have been a problem.

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My machete'. It works great for splitting chunks of wood into smaller chunks.



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If you're talking about keeping beer cold I have the gadget shown in my avatar. Now that's handy.

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Vise Grips is what I use most to move hot racks and chip tray.

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2 Gallon plastic bags (not those flimsy 1 Gallons)

I got mine at GFS.


I use them to cure pork belly (5lb fits about perfect)

Keep frozen pork butts from drooling all over my fridge as they thaw.

Split em and use them as heavy duty plastic wrap.

Keep all my grinder parts together in the freezer.

Rub cure all over meat and keep my hands clean.

Keep my hand tools sterile after I wash them.


List goes on and on...

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i gotta go with the ET-73 also, and then theres those throwaway alum foil pans...

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Frozen margarita with salt,  it all taiste  gpppppd aft er a f e w pf them   

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The bbq guru nano is my latest gadget, just did a test burn with it yesterday, very cool .


Have some dual remote thermo probes.


Headlamp is nice for night burns.


Decent meat slicer...?  I dont know, I am reaching here.


Laptop/Desktop/Tablet for checking SMF.



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th_aug2009brisketeggsveggies011[1].jpg   th_aug2009brisketeggsveggies014[1].jpg  This is the most useful piece of equipment I have; I store my Seasonings. tools, cleaning rags(old frayed towels , torn to size),gloves and has a trash holder on the side for convience. There is a small cutting board on it and fold-out sides for working or holding meat and such.Plus having storage containers there is a well for holding  water if needed.


I was lucky to find this at a Garage Sale for $15 , the cost of this at the stores was $160.00. Made of tough durable Plastic. I can see having this around many years. A great tool from 'Backyard Gear'.

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

I guess I have to say my A-MAZE-N-SMOKER.


It got rid of a whole lot of headaches.

X2 plus tips from other smoker addicts.


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My computer so i can get a hold of you fine folkssausage.gifAnd my spice rack.

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I would have to go with my Maverick ET-732, my $5 BBQ gloves, and my Weber rib rack. I would also like to get a guru in the future.

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