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Reheating Pulled Pork and Country Spare Ribs

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I am going to have people over in a few weekends for a lunch before a football game. I am going to make Pulled Pork and Country Spare Ribs. I was thinking about smoking the pulled pork and Ribs when I got home from work on Friday night and pulling the pork before I went to bed. What would be the best way to reheat these or should I just get up at 4 and do it all fresh that day? Thoughts?

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Personally I like to use a steamer to reheat stuff when I can. If doing large amounts of pulled pork I will pull it and place the meat into a large disposable roasting pan then just put foil over the top tightly when I get ready to reheat I'll mix in some finishing sauce or some apple juice then pull the foil back on it and stick in the the oven or smoker to reheat. Ribs I either steam hot or cook and serve hot

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+1 @ piney woods thoughts.

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Get a vacuum sealer and you can do it weeks in advance. Then you just boil the bag is all the food is perfect! 

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Mix in the finishing sauce when you reheat. The vinegar can break down the meat too much if you mix it in when pulling and then let it sit, even in the fridge.


Sounds like a long Friday, though. All three pulled porks I've done took in the 16 to 18 hour range.

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It is only a 5# Pork Butt I am thinking it should only take about 7 to 8 hours to cook it. 


Another Question, I have a 4# pork butt I am making this weekend. It was going to be for 5 adults and a child but know it is going to be 7 adults and child(He is 2 so he doesn't really count). Should I go get another 2# or 3# butt or will the 4# be enough?

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A 4 lb bone in butt will yield about 2 lbs after smoking. I find most of my family and friends use about 1/3 lb per sandwich so that 2 lbs would yield 6 sandwiches so I think I'd have to be doing more than one 4 lb butt cause most many will eat more than one sandwich. Heck go get another 4 lb'er if there's leftovers that's a good thing pulled pork reheats great and personally I think its as good or better reheated

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Duffman, If you do pulled pork burritos (which are my favorite) rather than sammies, or by the smallest buns that you can find you might get away with

2 lbs, but not likely.

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Thanks for all the help. As for the reheating my Wife decided to make it an evening meal now so I will have all day to smoke.  As for if I had enough food I am going to tell my sister to make her own food since she decided to add tow more people with out telling me until the afternoon before. 

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Duff, Just remember that you can wrap the pork in aluminum foil (double wrap) and place in a cooler w/towels for 2 or more hours and it will still be to hot to touch with bare hands.


This is my comfort zone. 

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I usually pull out some more foil and double wrap the meat with more apple juice and place in oven at 350 for about 25-30 minutes.. They come back out moist and hot again

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