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Well, I'm glad to see some homebrewers here.  I haven't got into it too much, but I've helped a neighbor and done one or two on my own/with his and my brothers help.  Heck, I have a couple of Cream Ales sitting in the fridge as we speak, but nothing fermenting.  I just need to get a turkey fryer/boil pot and get into it.  I've been around it the last two years, it's a lot of fun and you can be very creative!  Most of it turns out great, actually, I haven't really had anything bad that was brewed yet by this neighbor!

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I used to brew beer. I put mine up in those green bottles with the bale on top...Think that I still have some of those somewhere..Have a little wine going on now some of it is 4 years old I guess that I need to bottle it. Its not sitting on any yeast to mount to anything and the airlocks have been keep up.

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Another home brewer here.


Got 3 frig's, do full mash's, to many carboyz to count and this year I may surpass the number of days smoking meat with brewing beer.

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I love the thought of brewing my own beer.  And it is on my bucket list.  I just started curing meats at the beginning of 2011 and that is working out well.  I can't wait to sit down and have a nice home brew with some home cured meat.  Heck, maybe even some home made cheese?

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A guy down the street from me brews his own beer. I give him a little BBQ, he gives me a little beer!

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I brew as well.  I do the occassional beer, but mostly I brew Hard ciders and Mead (honey wine)...I have a fridge in my garage, where I have two perlick faucets tapped into 2 corny kegs inside....I love brewing almost as much as I love smoking food.  Lots and lots of fun.




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Been brewing for about 10 years now.  That's about 10 x longer than I've been smoking meats.  Haha.  Good to see others enjoy the hobby as well.

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My husband and I started brewing our own craft beer in 2011, and that was when I didn't like beer! Now I love me some craft beer! We've cashed in our life savings and are opening a Brew on Premise establishment in NC.  More details to come!  Website to come soon too!  Happy home brewing, meat smoking, and all that fun stuff!! :) 

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I have never tried my hand at brewing. However I got a buddy that makes a killer spiced beer, very smooth and flavorful. I have asked him for his recipe so I could post it here for y'all but he will not give it up. Told me when he gets it perfected and sold to a company he will. I think it's darn good now, however his last batch was better yet. I love being able to be the taste tester.

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Grolsch beer bottles.  I used to use those back in the day until I found out bottle capping was easier.  I got real lazy when they started selling good quality small brewery stuff in the store.

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