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Boneless Fresh Ham and CSR's in Modded Charcoal Gourmet

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My choice of smoke today will be Mesquite, which lends a nice deep flavor to my Red Bell Pepper rub...they just marry up so well with the heavier flavors of shoulder and picnic cuts of pork, IMHO. I don't recall using the RBP rub on a pipcnic cut just yet, or CSR's for that matter, though the flavors of this rub have gone very well with every cut of beef, poulty, pork, a few different freshwater fish, and even I', confident this will be another winner for tonight's dinner as well.


I had this in my smaller Q-Fridge fridge for a couple days, but it' still about 20-25*...lots of frost still showing when I unwrapped it, and very firm to handle. Being it was wrapped in butcher's plastic and paper instead of cryovac-packed, I won't throw it into water, and don't want to go the Nuke-box method to defrost a larger cut which will be cooked low & slow, as that starts the cooking process and doesn't leave much time for handling before internal temps could become an issue.


Anyway, I gotta smoke it up, frozen or not, as we'll be going on a 6-7 day road-road trip in the morning.


I just love the netting they use on these to hold the muscle groups together during cooking...I'm thinking removing it before the meat is fully smoked this time, so I keep a nice intact bark on the roast. The conflict I'm having is that I want to place the fresh ham on the lower grate after reaching about 165-170* I/T and let it steam to finish while I smoke the CSR's on the top grate. That's one nice thing about the design of the gourmets...they can be used as a dual-purpose cooker simultaneously:


Yep, Frosty the Snowman would be right at home snuggling up to this:




The Red Bell Pepper rub...I dusted one side at a time and let the salts in the rub go to work on drawing out some moisture to set the rub before turning and dusting again...probably took about 15 minutes, so I think the internal temp is about 5-10* below freezing...not like it just came out of a -20* freezer:




Into the Gourmet, with 4# of hot Kingsford Blue...I started two 1/2 chimneys over my double-burner outdoor cooker, and after the fire had my cast iron grate heated well, I added boiling water to the pan, set the barrel in place and set the pork loaded grate in. Temps were running in the upper 130* range for a bit, then I had to close down my combustion air, as temps started pushing towards 270*...4# of hot coals along with how water in the pan was a bit too much, I'm guessing:




Anyway, smoke is on, and more will follow as things "heat up"...LOL!!!!


Thanks for lookin'!



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Hey all!


The plan is working out fairly well so far. The fresh ham looked kinda nasty after about the first3 hours, due to being turned grey from all the dripping which were sweating out, but it looked much better by the time it hit 156* I/T. I'll post the rest of the pics here by order of preperation...



2.5lbs of CSR's got a heavy coating of RBP rub, and are resting while I get the fresh ham ready to steam on the lower grate:







I grabbed the fresh ham when it hit 156* and the net cutting/pulling cerimony began...worked pretty well.


The netting is still intact here:













Directly over the water pan for you:




CSR's into the gourmet with another chunk of mesquite...we're smokin' again:





I also have some boneless skinless chix thigh marinating to toss on the weber later...oh, wifey just got home with a 6-pack of beef rib steaks and says she wants one for dinner...plenty of meat for ourslelves and the possibility of dinner guest this evening as well.


4lbs of BSCT's lying in wait:




A combination of Lawry's Poultry Seasoning and Lemon & Pepper on this smaller batch of Chicken...resting while waiting for a hot grill:




Spicy Teriyaki Marinated Chicken...I'll toss some extra crushed red pepper flakes on some of these when they hit the grill for a bit more push of back-ground heat:




Since this will be my final Q-view and smoke for the next 10 days or so, I may as well do it up with a bang...not including any steaks I grill, this will tally up the pre-cooked weight at 10.25lbs.


We should have plenty of leftovers to take along on the trip, and I have a 5lb bag of frozen pulled pork too, so we'll have some Bbq for the road...


Back with the finish later.


Thanks all!



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Most of dinner is ready so, I'm eatin'!!!!!!


I opted for the a couple Spicy Teriyaki chix thighs first, over a rib steak (yea, but, I'm eating a ribsteak right now after killing my first plate)...LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, I rinsed the marinade out of the bag into a small saucepan and simmered it for 10 minutes. This was drizzled over my things to kick things up a couple extra notches.



An RBP treatment, and we're off to the Weber:







Just getting started with three Lemon Pepper thighs and a couple Teriyaki:







A quick check on my CSR's and fresh ham before I sit down to dinner:










I'm not sure if I'll get a taste of CSR's tonight...if they're not ready soon, I'll be too full for any more meat...thing is, if it's different than what I've already eaten, I can still put it away...all that with a height of 6' - 5" and I weight under 200lbs!!!!!!!!!!



I think I'll just foil the fresh ham, rest and chill, then slice for cold sammies for the road trip on Friday. With the CSR's, well, hard tellin' what their demise will be just yet.


A few more pics to follow, and I'm done for a couple weeks.





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That was a big smoke job.

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

That was a big smoke job.

Thanks, yea, not too bad of a smokin' & grillin' session. The gourmet was running for about 10 hours, and the 18" Weber only took about 1.25 hours to do three ribsteaks and 4lbs of chix thighs.


Fire tending on the gourmet is getting easier for me now that I've learned what it needs to stay happy. I think I've only smoked with charcoal in it about 15 times. I did a turkey fryer burner conversion on it a few weeks after I got it, but I soon returned it to the charcoal burning mode because liked the flavor and colors I got with the charcoal much better. So, I decided to do whatever it took for mods to get the charcoal fire to burn well.


Anyway, I didn't get pics up lastnight as we had an unexpected guest. I didn't slice the fresh ham just yet either...I'll probably do that sometime after we arrive from our road-trip today.



CSR's looked great when I pulled 'em out:







Gotta get ready to go...see ya in a week or so...take care all!




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