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Pork Loin ??

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I don't know what these weigh seperate. But all 3 together are 7.2 pounds. I want to put them on today but don't know when to start them.  I need them to be ready to eat at about 9 tonight. They have been rubbed, set over night and I just took them out the fridge to worm up some. I have a MES.  What temp and when should I start them. I want to take them out and let rest in cooler to . Just need to  get as close to 9pm as possible.     

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I can't help ya much cause I never done one, but by the weight  of 3 @ 7 pounds they sound like tenderloins.

They are lean and will dry out if you're not careful. I know some people wrap them in bacon to keep them moist. and if you have a temp probe I'd pull them at 145° maybe and let them rest. It would take long to cook.

Consider this a bump to the top so a tenderloin expert can help ya, but I'd think you got plenty of time to get them done

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i have done several but i always inject them as well as rub.They only take about 2-2.5 hrs at 230 or so. then i always foil and cooler turn out moist and great keep us informed great luck to you

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I do loin roasts and pull them at 160 and am very pleased with the way they turn out.  doesn't take long to cook either.  just keep an eye on the IT so you don't dry it out.

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This was a big loin I cut into 3 pieces. My 10 year old  son wanted to do his own so I cut it into equals and gave him one. 

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rub one cajun, one lemon pepper and the 3rd go salt and pepper.  You will love all 3 as long as you pull em around 160!

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I would suggest going straight from the fridge to the smoker, warming them up on the counter is not a safe thing to do. Other than that ^^^^ got it pretty much covered.

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