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my first packer

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decided to try a whole brisket,so got me a small packer to smoke ,rub down  with my coffee rub ready for the smoke hollow


before.jpg Photobucket
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Now your brisket looks pretty darn good for here. But I think it's a flat not a packer I don't see the big hump that is the point on top of the flat.

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I would have to agree that it looks like a flat and not a whole packer. Most packers have the big lump with a layer of fat in between.


No matter what you have here, let us see some QView of what the finished product looks like.


Nothing better than a good brisket.

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Packer or flat it looks good

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No it looks like a packer to me that is laying on the point but it looks Delicious non the less.

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Either way it looks very good

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Looks mighty fine from here!



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Looks good, I was curious about the coffee rub, what's the recipe, if you wanna share. I have some that I won online, and I'm running out.

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yes its a packer a small one 6 1/2 pds, the coffee rub was 1/8 cup of cinnaiamon sugar ,which u buy already mix,1/8 cup brown sugar,3 tlbs maxwell house,1 tlbs spoon of old bay, 1 tlbs of colesman dry muataed,that was the base, i used a few more things,but i guess u can use what u like,i liked  it

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