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Rest in peace RonP. It just wont be the same without you. Prayers go out to Carol.

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RonP will be missed greatly.  Always think of Yoshida's and Ron.  He always helped here and on other forums.  Prayers to his family. 

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Man oh man, I'm sorry to hear of the news. I only had the chance to chat with Ron a time or two and from what I have read he was and still is an asset to everyone that reads the board.


Rest In Peace RonP, Hang in there Carol, our thoughts are there for ya.



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It was an honor to recieve advice from him.  He always helped and was always online.

Peace to him and his loved ones.

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RIP Ron & thanks for all help on whatever I ask or tried to smoke.

I listened to you as you spoke through the tough times .

you had to pack to move but you still wanted to contibute to the forum.

you had a long drive ahead of you, & you made it. you loved your dogs to no end.

I will miss you to no end.

Thanks for being there my friend just wish I could of been there for you

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I guess god needed a pitmaster besides him in Heaven.  You will be missed Ron.

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We Will miss ya RonP, God will eat well now that he is there !


To Ron thanks for answering all my questions and not making fun of a newbie !!


You and all of your knowledge will be missed !!!


Bless you and your family.


Your Okie smoker


Bob Weaver

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     You will be missed for ever. I remember when you signed on and how much I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Your knowledge and willingness to share information will be missed. I also remember your sadness and apprehension with the move. It was good to have you reestablished and back on line. I'll miss you and I must say how very fortunate I feel to have known you ..... at least for a while. God bless you Ron.

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Truly sorry to here the news. Carol, my thoughts are with you. I didn't know Ron well, but he was one of the first to welcome me here and was kind enough to chat with me a few times to help me through a smoke. He wrote some great posts and was an asset to anyone who was whiling to listen.





You will be missed



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Ron will certainly be missed here on the forum. He was an inspiration to many here and gave great input and advise. I have a feeling he is getting the smoker ready up there to give the Big Guy a meal he will never forget!! Rest in Peace Ron and many Blessed days to you Carol.

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So sorry to hear...

Ron will definately be missed, thoughts and prayers to Carol. 

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rest in peace RonP, my prayers to Carol

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This is horrible news. I was just logging back on to check out the other post about Ron to see if there were any updates on his health and I found this dreaded post. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and also to the SMF family. This truly is a dark day for us all. Ron you will be missed.

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The last thing I expected to see was a post announcing the passing of one of our beloved SMF members. No matter how much, or little, you may have interacted with Ron he was always a man of great character with a humble heart.


RIP Ron - many condolences, Carol and family.

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RonP we're gonna miss you buddy! 


I sure thought we would see him back posting around here someday soon.  I think will miss some of his techniques the most.

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I am SO sorry to hear this news!  Ron will be sorely missed--many thoughts and prayers go out to his family.  

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RIP Ron. I didn't know you personally but you were one of the first people to welcome me to this great forum! Prayers go out to the family.  Won't be the same without you man!!



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A fitting tribute from our Contest Committee and Jeff



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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

A fitting tribute





Well done to each and everyone that is making this happen and to those that enter.

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My Sincerest condolences to Carol.


We'll miss you Ron.

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