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Rest in peace Ron. My condolences to the family.

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My MES is throwing Thin Blue Smoke up to Heaven for you to smell Ron.  No UDS this weekend cause that is not how you would have done it.

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The dude said it as well as it could be said in his stories.   Ron sure helped me when I was a newbie and I always looked forward to his posts.


And yes he did get me to buy a bottle of Yoshidas,   Pretty sure it will be used on tomorrows smoke.


Thanks for all the help RonP, you will be missed.



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What a bummer. Never met him but his persona on here and other forums really made him stand out as an upstanding person, and the world is a sadder place without his presence around here. RIP Ron.

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Ron will be missed by many!!


He was a great inspiration to me and was the first guy i contacted to test my little gadget.


Rest In Peace My Friend!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Wow, what a shock when I stopped in to see what the September Throwdown is goin to be when I saw that Ronp has passed. I just don't know what to say. My prayers and blessings to his wife, family and friends. Rest in Peace my smokin brother....



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I havent been on the site in a while and was very sad to hear the news of Rons passing.  I PM'ed him many times as i am a beginner to smoking and needed some advice.  he was always very helpful.  he will be missed

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Rest in peace Ron,

I know everytime I hear Yoshida's I will think of you.

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I'm relatively new to this forum, or any type of internet forum for that matter.  I caught the news of RonP while researching in another thread.  My sincerest condolences to his wife Carol, their family and friends. Although I did not know RonP, I read  through his posts to get some idea of who he was.  I'm sure his passing will leave a void in the hearts and minds of many.  He probably leaves some big shoes to fill in all walks of his life.

 I also want to express my admiration of the members of this forum for "virtually" coming together to pay homage to a great member of & contributor to SMF. I'm honored to be a part of this community.

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remember that time he smoked cheetos? LOL! what a guy. RIP RonP. Carol is in my thoughts and prayers.

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I have only been around the forum a couple months. It was Ron's posts that helped me decide to buy the 40" window MES. He also provided a lot of other good info to me when i was on shaky legs as far as getting started. RIP Ron, and thank you very much!

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I was shock to see the announcement about RonP's passing. RIP RonP, you will be missed by everyone here at SMF. My condolences to Carol and Ron's family members.

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Ron will surely be missed. I will fire up the smoker with something in his honor and you better believe that there will be yoshida's involved.



  Damn shame . I am gonna do the same thing with Yoshida's on it .


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RIP Ron..  I'll send some of that thin blue your way my friend..

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We have truly lost a pillar of the forum. Ron was always there willing to share experiences and provide suggestion and input. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with him through here. My prayers go out to the family. We will miss you RON!

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Ron was a good friend and a big help to everyone here. He kept me company in chat on a few all nighters, and we always had a great time jokin around.

Prayers to Carol and the family. He will be sorely missed.

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I'm speechless.  I just found out the sad news today on chat.  Talked to Ron a few times, and he was always willing to offer advice, especially with the TQ - which he pretty much will leave an imprint on me forever.   Rest in peace Ron - you will be missed.  I'll be looking up to the sky to see if i see the TBS from above.  Goodbye my friend. 

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I feel deep sorrow over your lose, I have been reading this forum for a while now, Ron helped me pick a good first smoker.  Guided me to use the A-maze-n and lead me down the path.  He will be missed here.


But the really cool thing is the passion he had for the forum and smoking.  All the knowledge he shared, and just walking the walk, guided so many of us.  That is how a great man is judged, Ron has left quite a legacy behind.


Rest in Peace my friend, may we meet on the flip side, cause I will be there to shake your hand, and thank you.  My thoughts and prayers are with him and is family.

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Don't post much anymore but something made me log-in today, sorry to hear about this.

RIP Ron.

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Wow I am at a lose for words. You were an inspiration to me. If I needed help you were there. I was so sure once you setteled in SLC things would be better.




You will be missed.



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