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Jerk Wings

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Here is a quick smoke we did Sunday with some wings - used the AMS on the grill with one burner of the grill lit the smoker on the next grill and the wings on the last two unlit burners for about 2 hours - had too much going on in the smoke with the Andouille sausage and the Stufz Burgers


Here they are with the marinade

Pics 011.jpg

Into the bag for about 2 hours

Pics 012.jpg

Here they are after 2 hours of smoke and a quick finish on the grill for crispness

Pics 016.jpg


Man these are addicting

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I loooovvvveeee wings and these look aaaawwwwwsome!!! Well done!!

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Ah Man!!---You hadda make the skin nice and crispy too, didn't ya! Where's my towel!





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*Drooool!*  Those look soooo good! Nice Job!

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Great lookin chicken

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those look great gary!

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