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Cheese Steak

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Thought I would try this today! Got a Rib Eye I smoked yesterday, It was just sitting in the fridge next to an onion and bell pepper, found some mozzarella and   So I saute'ed the BP and O and here we go!!cheese 004.JPGloin 003.JPGcheese 002.JPG

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can't wait to see the final results, looks and sounds good so far

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Looks good Raptor.  Hope you enjoy it.

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I'm going to guess you're too stuffed to get the final pics up, but I really want to see that.  Looks amazing.  I could almost smell it!. 

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Man, What a Fattie!!...........cheese 014.JPGcheese 011.JPG

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A true work of art! Looks awesome!

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Nice looking Fattie, I love Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, Looks like it tastes good

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That looks Awesome Rap !!!


But do you have a special permit to make that outside of Pennsylvania???




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Great looking fattie and plate - I could go for a plate of that right now and it is 7AM here

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Looks great!!. I gotta get another fatty going soon.

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hey raptor700...I assume u used regular sausage on your cheese steak philly.  Looks great!  BTW how did u do your ribeye?

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  how did u do your ribeye?

 I marinated overnite with beef broth and a little Moore's Original, Smoked with pecan till It hit 130* , Then foiled and let rest. Turned out Great!!

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