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im in your neck of the woods , best wishes for him to get out on a clean bill of health.

when he does lets get some nice smoke in him. get well partner

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Thanks for the heads up Dave. Will be praying for him.

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Hang in there Ron. Soon as they hang a bottle of Mr. Yoshida's finest on that IV pole you'll be right as rain!

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Ron I hope you get better real soon. Our prays will be with you and Carol and the dogs.


PS. Carol take him some Yoshida's and wave it under his nose that should help him alot.......Then pour the rest of it over them doctors heads when you too leave the hospital.

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Thanks for letting us know.  Prayers for Ron and Carol

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I've kept in contact with Ron by phone for the last several weeks now; he's had a multitude of problems, including 'docs in a box' crappy care at one of those chain facilities, plus not having anyone to care for the dogs that kept him from appointments.  I just spoke to him Friday and he said he was going '1st of the week' to find out what all his weight loss was from, at least he was trying to find a solution; however I am terribly saddened with this turn of events.  I am praying for you buddy, I know what you've been through and you've got to get stronger and win the fight that you have to win!  Bless your mortal ass and recover, you can do it - you must do it!

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Prayers for both are coming from Maryland

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Thoughts and prayers to Ron and Carol from Nevada. Get well buddy!

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Thanks for letting us know about his situation.


I'll be praying that God will wrap his heeling arms around Ron and restore his health and that God will comfort his wife in this time of uncertainty.

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Wow, sorry news, but I got faith in Ron and the Big Guy above, so I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Ron, our thoughts and prayers are with you,  get well soon we miss you..

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Extra prayers being sent up tonight for ron and carol

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Ron.. you are in our thoughts today and we are praying for a speedy recovery. Just know that you have lots of friends here at SMF and if there is anything that Abi and I can do.. let us know.


For now, get lots of rest and try not to give the nurses a hard time

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I just got off the phone with Carol, RonP's wife. He's in bad shape, and they don't know if he's going to pull through this ordeal. Just like the rest of you, I ask that you include Ron in your prayers and thoughts. I know he's got a lot of friends here, so let's show some support for out smoking buddy..




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Thoughts and best wishes Ron and Carol. I wish you both a speedy recovery.

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Rich thanks for the update. Were praying for you Ron.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you from MN. get well Ron.

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get better soon ron!

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Very sad news to hear.  Best wishes for Ron to have a speedy recovery, and Carol to take careof her own health in the meantime.

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I wondered why he hadnt posted in a long time. Get better Ron!!

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