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Doing my first butt

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Well when I was at the store this morning I got a but for .99/lb and thought that seemed good so I figured at 7 bucks if it sucks oh well.  I did not have time to let it rub out for 12 hours so it was only seasoned for about 3.5 hours, but I did inject it with apple juice/ black cherry bourbon. We shall see.........let the waiting game commence!

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Black cherry bourbon-oooo! Butts are a good choice looking forward to q-view

Good luck!

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Hey quick question when I wrap at 165 do you guys poke through the foil to continue to monitor temps to 205?

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Thanks PoolQ!!!!

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Black Cherry Bourbon, sounds tasty, who makes it, and where did you get it?

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It's made by Jim Beam... It is called Red Stag... It was given to me by a friend as a gift, its to sweet for my liking for drinking but I thought it would make a good spritz with apple juice

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Thanks, I'm gonna have to get some and try it out.

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Well here is some View of right before she went on and just now when I wrapped it at 165. Is it normal for your meat temps to be lower after you re stick it? I am nervous that I pulled and wrapped it to low. My Remote thermo was reading 167 and now that i put it back in after foil it is reading 150. I hope I didn't screw the pooch on this.





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You will be fine. A lot of times when you move a probe the reading changes like that. That is one of the reasons I have taken to using foil pans, I putt the butt in the foil pan then seal the top with foil. Probe stays put the whole time, no muss, no fuss.

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The pooch is just fine. You are doing well so far and you have a long way to go yet. So keep the q-view coming and we will give watching too.

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Well we are officially 7 hours in and sitting at 175, thanks for the encouragment guys!  No to just figure out a finishing sauce for when this puppy gets done tonight. Plan on bringing to 205 then cooler for at least an hour

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Looks good and sounds like a good plan to me.


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Well it has hit 205 in just under 8 hours. Time for the cooler....final view to follow in a couple hours

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Well I gotta say I am really happy with the way this turned out. I did not have any tony's but I did come up with something to use for the finishing sauce that is so popular around here.  The second pic was taken before any finishing sauce and before I truly pulled it all apart and got the fatty tissue out. Man the flavor is amazing...I am loving my UDS!!!!!!





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Looks good.  Nice smoke ring.  Good job, sir.

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  I hope I didn't screw the pooch on this.



OMG I haven't heard that one in a long time. Heck I'm still laughin pretty good.


I think you did more then fine for a first but. If there is any doubt, you better pack it in dry ice and send it to several of the members for analysis.

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Very nice (BUTT) 

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beauty!  very nice Q view!  that's a heap of mouthwatering pork there at the end!


congrats on the first butt!


all i know is i hope i run into some 99 cents a pound butt!  who could let that opportunity pass by?

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I use that Red Stag also, it is to sweet for drinking but I really like the flavor in my spritz (dr. pepper, red stag, soy, worstchester, and a dab of what ever sauce I am serving it with) Nice but by the way!!

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