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Weekend brisket

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the smokers . wsm and Gus's UDS jr

party and issac b-day 003.JPG

party and issac b-day 007.JPG

Gus's uds worked as good as the wsm !Built it for him the first part of summer and he love's it (won't let me put legs on

it because it makes for a great conversation at his campground ) He likes the rustic look 



on the smokersparty and issac b-day 006.JPG

party and issac b-day 001.JPG

smoked stuffed mushroomsparty and issac b-day 008.JPG

after resting Only got the picture of the one ,Gus had the other one heading to the kitchen to cut

party and issac b-day 010.JPG

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Dave, looks great. How do you make the shroom's? 



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Looks Mighty Tasty!




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That is looking very tasty - congrats man

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    Nice Q VIEW!    


Also wanting to know how you did the Shrooms, I think my wife is wanting some.

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Originally Posted by werdwolf View Post

    Nice Q VIEW!    


Also wanting to know how you did the Shrooms, I think my wife is wanting some.

Looking good. I also would like to know the story on the shrooms they look awesome.

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i third the schrooms

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

i third the schrooms



mushrooms with crabmeat and smoked cream cheese


1  pound  'shrooms  pull out the stems and cut them up and some diced onion and saute in a pan with butter 'let it cool a bit

add  that to crabmeat (wife used the fake stuff this time) and room tempature smoked cream cheese and mix well

 put the stuffing in the 'shroom caps . put them in a pan and then cover them with smoked provolone

smoked them at 275 for an 1 1/2 or till the cheese gets golden brown on top

 She doenst measure any of it ,its all to her taste and this is a gotta have when ever Gus shows up or he whines like

a little girl. They are way better now that I put them in the smoker.

   and I used apple to smoke them

  Enjoy guys !!!

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Oh My Goodness!!  That mix for the shrooms is almost worth a trip to the freaking store. 7:40 now back at 8:00 prep by 8:30 smoke till 10:00 ....... LOL thats cutting it a little to close


Its a for sure thing for this weekend tho.


Thank You Dave and the brisket looks great.

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