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Smoked Pork Butt / Slash Pulled Pork

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again, i am a new smoker and learning to do some new things. i want to do a smoked pork butt. ive seen so many recipes out there and im not getting good details on how many hours to do it and the finishing temp the pork butt should be at. and the temp it should be at, is that the very middle of the pork butt? some good recipes and some tips would be great...thank you everyone

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From everything that I have learned here:


For planning purposes, figure at least and hour and a half per pound of butt.


The time does not matter, the temps do.


At about 165 degrees, pull the butt and foil it.  Put it back in the smoker until it is up to about 200-205 degrees.  pull it out and let it stew a bit in a cooler.  I like to let mine sit for about an hour.  I am not sure how much it really matters. 


Any experts feel free to correct my newbish mistakes.  I too as still learning.  There is a lot of information in the pork sticky.

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BobbyDrake is right on the mark.  His description is exactly how I do it -- with great results.  One hour in the cooler is minimum, 2 is better.  I've let them sit wrapped in the cooler for 7-8 hours before pulling and serving at parties, etc.  Stays nice and hot and falls apart in your hands (and disappears pretty quickly too!)

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Yes I also agree with Bobby and he gives you some really good numbers. Now the other thing that he didn't give thou. You need a good digital camera that's for us here we are crazy about the Q-view too.

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When your pork butt hits an internal temp of 100 I spray mine down with apple juice and captin morgan about every hour. Then when u foil it spray a lot of that mix on it and foil it. Has worked great for me both times that I have done pulled pork.
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Also, you can just leave the butt alone ( no spritzing or foiling at the 160* temp ). All you need to do is put a remote temp probe in around the 4 hour mark, to make sure your at 140 after 4 hours and add fuel during the smoke.


I rarely even open the lid before 12 hours, then I insert a probe in the meat. I normally take them off at 200* IT and foil and put them in a cooler with towels for 4 or so hours. I normally smoke at night, this is a good way to smoke so you can plan your meal easier.


Hope this helps 

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Check out Meowy's Basic Pulled Pork sticky in the Pork forum. It's the "Pulled Pork Bible" as far as I'm concerned. Been using it since I joined 2 years ago. Foolproof.

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This is what I used on my first butt and it worked great so I did another one and it worked out great to.  Here is the link to the Pulled Pork Sticky

Hope this helps

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You got great advise and be shure to check out that sticky - it has all you need to know about PP - Good luck and don't forget teh qview

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