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I am ordering the meat this week.  Will get 2 butts and 2 briskets unless I hear different.  Gotta regroup after 2100 mile drive roundtrip to see the new grandson and take inventory of my old bones.  LOL

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Welcome Back and i hope all is well w/ the new grandbaby.

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I just ordered from Butcher and Packer a few spices I was low on and changed the ball on my reciever to accomadate the Lang.  I will premake the Rub and such.  Meat will be purchased for pickup next week just before the gathering.  I believe Dave and Ruby are still coming and David is lining up a motel close by.  Getting to crunch time and I have a lot of catch up at work this week since I was gone all last week.  The grandkids are great!

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Long term weather forecast for the event is GREAT.  Highs during the day in the low 80s and overnight lows in the low 60s.  New Moon weekend, Jupiter at nearest point in 12 years,   Gorgeous if it holds up. 


The big project I was involved in for work has been basically completed and will not start up again until after the event so I will be spending a good bit of time at the farm.  Still need to gather campfire wood, mop floors, bring cooking utensils, mostly small things left to be done.


Picking up the bellies for the Steens cured bacon Monday and will start the cure that afternoon.    Most of the non-perishables have been purchased.  Just want to cut grass a couple of more times and clean out the summer time garden.  Weed eat around the fruit trees and cut walking paths through the other side of the property. 


I was able to split the smaller pieces of Pecan I have but the large pieces have not dried enough yet so Rick please bring your fuel.


Looking forward to it,   12 days and counting.


Considering it's our first event looks like we will have a nice little crowd for Saturday.


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Oh and I forgot to mention some great ball games scheduled for that weekend.

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I will be getting the Pecan ready this weekend and an oil change.  Packing my Cater Box for transport and have ordered the meat for pickup next week.  Darran from the Q joint may have a cater gig that weekend but if not may make a day trip for Saturday.  Should be plenty if he shows up so I dont see a prob with a drop in. 

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No problem with drop ins  we will have more than enough food to share with anyone that shows up.  Seating for the LSU game however is determined by who made the commitment first.!

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5 Days and counting!!!

 I don't know about anyone else ,But i am getting pumped . This gathering is going to be a blast and hopefully everyone will leave wanting to come back for the next one.

 Weather forcast looks to be the best we could hope for. Cool nights warm days.  No forcast for any rain.

 anyone that wants to attend but has not spoke up ,It's not to late . Just let us know you're coming .

 We will have plenty of food for all.

       We hope to see y'all there .

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I am working friday till 11am and then head home and hook up the smoker and toss everything in the pickup.  Then down 16 we go.

Looking for ward to it.

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Al, could you call me at 225-278-0806 --Dickie H.--Thanks

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hey dickie.

You live in back brusly or the front side?

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For you non cajun types its pronounced  Brewwwwwwwly


I've only been there once but he does know how to boil crawfish and a pretty avid fisherman.

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Dickey will know exactly what i,m talking about if he's from brusly

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Just thought I would update the menu to this point



Friday, Saturday and Sunday Snacks



            Pork Candy


            Tortilla Rollups

            Anaheim Peppers stuffed with shrimp and seasonings Smoked


            Watermelon from the garden


Friday Night

            Bob’s Gumbo

            Sausage Poboys

            Potato Salad


Saturday Breakfast

            Sandy’s sweet rolls

            Breakfast sausage by Rick

            Steen's cured bacon




Saturday Dinner



            Rib Roast

            Purple Hull peas with bacon and ham

            Al’s baked beans

            Corn Pudding

            Italian Salad

            Cole Slaw


            Peach and Blueberry cobbler

            Desert by Kathy


Sunday Breakfast





            Baked Grits




Sunday Lunch





            Bob’s special cocktails 


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Don't count on my cocktails quite yet . I am still working on it trying different combos and different alcohols (Tough job ,But someone has to do it).

 I should have something ready by fri night . But i may be the only one that will drink it.

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Bob, let me give you a hint.  "Only the first one has to be good if it's stong enough".

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My order from BP with all the fresh spices and such came in so tonight and tomorrow I will be making rub and sausage season.  YUM 

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I picked up about 18lbs of prk butt and 12 lbs of brisket flats only tonight.  All tucked in the fridge awaiting the cooler tomorrow.  Sandy is making roll dough tonight and transporting tomorrow.  We are all packed and will load about 1130 tomorrow and try and get on the road by 1230 at the latest.  That should put us in the area around 2 or 230.  Looking forward to seeing you all.  Ruby is bringing her tent and coming later that evening after work.  I believe David is now not coming until Saturday as a day trip. 

Later all.

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Sure as shootin , I'll probably see you there!

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