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S. Louisiana Gathering UPDATE:

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OK folks.  The poll in the earlier post does not reflect the attendance of those that have confirmed.  To date we have indications of 20 participants including SMF MEMBERS and families.  So far 3 RV electric sites , 2 tent sites, and the only 2 bedrooms have been reserved. 


If you plan on attending please contact Shooterrick, Eman, Alblancher, Mballi, or Bayouchilihead with any needs for tent space or RV space you may need so we can make you comfortable as possible.     


We have a great time planned including Gumbo and basic sausage making demos and will be giving away the recipes for these to all attendees.  Butt and Brisket as well as a authentic southern breakfast and smoked snacks will be there. Fresh homemade cracklins are planned also.  Mrs. Shooters homade cinnimon rolls are always appreciated by all. 


We ask if attending that you bring a side dish if possible and coordinate these with eman.  While all donations to offset the cost of the event are appreciated they are not mandatory. 


SOOOOO, come one come all and lets pass a good time!  

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Sounds like it will be a blast.

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Sounds like it will be a blast.

i'm thinkin' very understated.........just the grub alone sounds great but it looks like there will be some great people in attendance.

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Sounds like you folks are going to have a blast!  Wish we could be there.

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OK we are having problems with some getting into chat so we will use the update thread.   i have the butt and brisket covered but the cost will be market closer to time. 

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The price should start going down soon.

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i finally made it

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I have the shrimp and will get the sausage and buns for poboys and the rest of the stuff for the gumbo,

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Pulled Pork is the real trick!!

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OK .  I understand you have the sausage and buns covered for PO Boys.  Yum.  I have the meat and sausage for breakfast covered and will tow the Lang over to cook.  My buddy david indicated today he felt he was pretty sure he was coming and was going to sleep in the back of his mini SUV.  Right now i am planning Brisket and pulled pork for 25 and 5lbs of sausage made there and to use for breakfast Saturday.  It is my understanding Al has a grinder so I am not planning on bringing mine.  The sausage recipe I use is a Sage type that has a mild bite in it.  Not to spicy but has some kick.  Chet is getting the cracklins I believe. 

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Ok folks, till next time......Smoke on!!!!

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Rick you may want to figure on 10lbs of breakfast sausage  20+ folks  + if we make sausage gravy ?

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I would like to pickup the non-perishables next week.  Please let me know if I need to add anything special?


Rick are you making your rub before the event?  What do I need to pickup for the Rubs if we do it at the farm


Chet, are you taking care of the Cracklins or do you want me to go to the Asian Grocery on the West Bank and pickup some Pork Bellies? 


I am probably going to pickup some belly to cold smoke bacon for the event so I can get what we need for the Craklins at the same time if you want to use bellies.



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10lbs sausage it is.  I will make the rub here at home and have the sausage meat cut and ready to grind at Als,  I will have a premeasured packet of sausage spice made up and will bring copies of the recipe for all who want it.

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I picked up a six pack of the squirt bottles today at wal mart for finishing sauce, bbq sauce ,etc.

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OKEY Dokey,


I'll take them off the grocery list.  Leaving for Tennessee Amish Country at 3 am so I'll probably be out of pocket for a couple of days.  Liz wants some outdoor furniture and I'll spend my time lookin for some country hams.  We also plan to visit JD Distillery, maybe eat a bit of BBQ with Mr. Jack

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I just bought 2 butts for this weekend at 1.24 lb from my connection.  Locally buts on sale at windixi, oakpoint,  1.79 lb.  I butchered one into sausage meat ready to grind.  Will buy another to make full ten pounds to grind at the gathering.  After making rub I am out of a few whole spices but will order those this next week for the house and the rub for the gathering. 

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rick ,

 leblancs has  butts for $1.19 lb.

 I was doing some work at oak point out by your house last week and looked at their sale . select  grade  meat for 10 / 20cents a lb more than leblancs has choice angus for. next tue when they send me the sale i'll forward it to you.

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Bob I went to Lablancs in Walker today and picked up 2 butts for sausage at 1.00 per lb.  I am going to butcher Saturday for sausage and freeze for the gathering.  I will wait until the last week of Sept. to buy for the main meal of brisket and butt so we will have a fairly firm head count. 


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Do i need to get sausage for poboys and gumbo??

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