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Late night pulled pork

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Its been a while since I smoked a sholder so I fired up the smoker Friday after work knowing it was going to be a late one.


almost 8lb, bone in picnic




rubbed with magic dust




smoking away




took 8 hrs to get to 165 pain in the arse, hit a long stall @141-144 but made it to 140 in 3hrs




foiled at 2:30am and put in the oven.  i didnt feel like babysitting my ECB any longer and needed to sleep.  set the cell phone alarm for 4:30, still not done so i set it for 6:30.  perfect, made it to 208.  pulled out of the oven wrapped and in the cooler resting




pulled and ready to hit some bread and soflaqer's carolina finishing sauce







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Good looking pork!

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At a boy   

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Look great....

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