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Apple wood smoked hot wings

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I was in the mood for some wings so i decided to smoke a batch.


As you can see they are smoked on my trusty ECB with nothing in the water pan.  I kept the temps between 270 and 300 for crisp skin.  They were on the smoker for about 2 hours and 45 mins.  I didnt bother to temp them, I just went by looks.




nice and steady




ready for the shake




I wanted to try Franks red hot Wing Sweet BBQ sauce but I still like a hot wing so i mixed them about 50/50


They were much better thant he last time I smoked wings, most likely because I didnt use any liquid in the water pan.  The skin was closer to a deep fried wing.









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Nice looking wings - bet they were tasty too

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MMMM wings they look good.

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Those look amazing!! gotta try those sometime.

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Very nice smoke dDigitalPimp, you make it look so easy !!!

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