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Your handles look great, like they were meant to be there.


Well KCBlues, not that I think back about the other night I feel like a jerk man. Heck in my adult beverage consumption I think that I may have never even ask if you wanted a plate of food. My apologizes.


After everyone left which was around midnight or so I went to my truck to gather warm clothing for the nights sleep in my chair. Wrong!!!!!  Must have taken the carharts out over the summer. I did find a hoodie and I fleece blanket. What a cold night tho.

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Hey Tom, I tried some of your pork loin and it was really good. I was consuming the adult beverages also and not much into eating at the time.I don,t think food was a priority at the time. No need to worry about it. Glad I got to come and hang out. Enjoyed it.


Off to the Eagles, have to run the grill today for a picnic we are having from noon till 5. You are welcome to come. Old fashioned outdoor games and stuff. If you need something for the family to do today, call me and I will tell you where it is.

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Wow, thanks for the invite, but I just made it home a short time ago. Thanks for the good words on the loin, now I just have to remember what I put on it. You would think that after smoking for this long I would write down what I season with. I'm gonna try to get fixed up so next weekend I don't get the call outs, and hopefully make it down to the royal. Are you there 2 days or 3?


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I know the feeling. Need a note pad around me all the time.


We will be at the Royal Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Every time I walked past the Double Deluxe I could smell paint, so I burned it 300 degrees tonight. Talk about smell. I am so glad I did it. That thing would have got me run off if I had waited to fire it up at the royal. I think the paint is cured out now. It is just about cooled off, and no smell.


The paint looks like it will hold up.


Went to Paradise Meats in Trimble, Mo., just north of Smithville, Saturday and picked up 2 Wagyu briskets and 2 Berkshire butts. The briskets are really marbled and the butts have the entire fat cap on them, so I can trim them the way I want.


These things look so good, I can hardly wait get them in some smoke. Even the butts are highly marbled.


2010-09-27 00.16.23.jpg

Nothing like some lazy cows and pigs to make some good meat.





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Hey KCBlues, I'm not sure how I missed this thread, but I have to say that's one sweeeeet build. It's given me a few ideas for my little smoker.

thanks for sharing all the pic's and the step by step fab.


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Your welcome Dan. Glad you enjoyed it. Now we will see how good it works this weekend at the Royal.  Will probably be burning from Friday night till Sunday afternoon. That will really test it out.

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I know this thread is really old, But it is such a nice build. I am bumping this thread so other newbies can find it. How has the smoker held up over the years? Are you still using it?  

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