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10 lb top Sirlion with Q-view

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Well another successful smoke. Did up a 10 lb Top Sirloin roast Saturday and it was awesome. It was previously frozen. I thawed it for a day and covered i tin steak spice, garlic, salt and black pepper. Just before it went in the smoker I put it in the oven on broil for 15 minutes. The next seven hours it was in the smoker at 210 to 220 F until 147 F. I used hickory and mesquite wood this time. I removed it from the smoker, double wrapped it in tin foil, wrapped it in a towel and in the cooler it went for 1.5 hours. I am unsure if the temperature went up or what happened after it left the smoker but we were left with one awesome piece of beef. So tender, so juicy and so flavorful. I was looking forward to the results of this all week and boy I was not disappointed. The butcher figured I had enough meat for 20 people. There were 5 adults and three kids. We ate the whole damn thing that night.... so no excellent lunch for me this week. It is just crazy how great this tasted. I am going g back to the butcher on Monday and asking for another one of those roasts. For $2.90  / lb I'll take that over a prime rib since there were no bones, little fat and half the price too!


here we go



went in to the smoker at 58 deg. f Out it came at hour 7 and 147 deg. f




Getting ready to wrap it overnight. I put it in plastic wrap and in to the refrigerator




Out of the smoker and ready to wrap after 7 hours




Four my group this was a perfect medium rare for us. Just loaded with juice and great flavor. I want to do it again right now !

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Nice looking roast! How did you chart the temp?

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I checked temperature every hour, recorded it and plotted in excel

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darn was hoping you had your therm connected to a laptop and it was all super cool automatic !  I'm not a labor intensive type a guy LOL

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That looks awesome!! Too bad you didn't have any leftovers for sandwiches... I did one a little while back and made sure there were leftovers. It was even better the second day!!!

Nice job!

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