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I had a brainstorn! Get a wireless security camera and point it at the smoker on the sending unit of a ET-7. Now you have computer access of your temps. This is about as geekey as I get.



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Actually, I think that is what I am going to do.
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Having help start then more or less retiring from this company and still holding on to some of it's stock.


I like that idea one hell of a lot. LOL

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Awesome idea meateater!

Always thinking!

All that consumption of pulled pork & beef didn't slow your brain waves a bit!




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I thought that helped to build brain cells, or was it fat cells? Oh well.

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Your both wrong, it's gut cells. They tell me I'm out of shape, I keep telling them round is a shape.

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if you really want to do this, ditch the oven probes and go with a thermocouple.  Go to  Buy their USB to thermocouple controller.  Go to and buy the best thermocouple you can afford.  If you do both of these things, I know a good programmer who would write you a program for free.

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I think he would be even further behind than using the camera approach.  

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isn't there an app for that yet?

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