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My best ribs yet w/ ABT's & Qview

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Back Ribs, ABT's and some Brats for tailgating coming up. Used 3.5-1.5-.5 method using Cherry and Hickory.










Ribs and Mac (no boil mac recipe from this forum) I added Morels and other wild mushrooms.



Too much BBQ, nap now required


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Looks good

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Nice Smoke ring!!  Like the looks of those ribs, Love the Mac and Cheese   

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Man oh Man those ribs look awesome and that smoke ring is super too. Now that Mac n cheese looks to die for with the shrooms and morels are my favorite too. Did you put any shiitaki in there too???

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thanks guys


Mballi, I use the morels I found in spring and the other wild mushrooms are a mix I get at costco. I'll have to check if there are shittake in there.

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Nice !
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Very nice looking spread.

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Those are some good looking ribs, Mac n cheese looks great too.

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That is a very impressive smoke ring... Kudos!!!


The Mac and Cheese looks fan-freaking-tastic!!! Good show and thanks for the qview!!! 

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That is one fine looking feast you put up. I love the mac n cheese too

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Thanks everyone. Just wanted to add a bit more info I pm'd to someone in case anyone can use it.


Cooked these ribs on a chargriller. I just use a normal memphis style rub after coating with yellow mustard. That has to be my key to getting those colors and bark without using much sugar. I add nothing during the cook and I don't flip them. I just make sure to cook closer to 225 and take it easy. I cooked these with lots of smoke as my family loves that. I burnt up like 6 big chunks of cherry and hickory but this cooker is not known for being efficient.

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