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Qview of Yardbird and some riblets

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Got some spareribs and and a whole chicken for some saturday smoking.


the rub looks a little wet cause I went with a new technique, letting the brown sugar melt on top prior to smoke.




First going on to the smoker, Hickory Chunks and Apple Chips... CharBroil, Propane.  From Wally World.




After about an hour of smoking, the ribs are small cause that's how the butcher did em up, yes, disappointing I know.




And the chicken, I seasoned the inside cavity for more flavor, now he's gonna get flipped and sauced up soon.




I'll try to come back with more Qview and updates soon.

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and here come at the finish line....





Hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy eating.

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Looks like a good st louis cut on them ribs and it all looks great. How tender were the ribs? Don't see any draw back on the bones?

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Great color on the finished products..Congratulations. 

  Would you consider smoking the ribs on a rack above the chicken on the next round? 

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 Man oh Man thats some great looking yardbird and I really like the color too. It would be better for the chicken to be on the bottom too. But the ribs look pretty darn good to.

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Nicely done. Yep, and chicken on the bottom from me, too!  Excellent appearance and I am sure the whole shebang disappeared in a hurry! We are raising our own chickens and have about fifteen in the "freezer camp" right now. More going to camp this afternoon. Last batch was fryers and hopefully this batch will turn out to be some fine roasters.


You keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this great smoke with all the SMF!



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eman - not much draw back on the bone, because there isn't a lot of meat on these ribs, I tried to cook this cut of ribs before for a longer period and they turned out I might have pulled a little early this time being afraid of that.  I probably could have foiled them up for a while and it would have come out more tender.  They were still tasty though.



Everyone else - curious, why chicken on the bottom?  health reasons maybe?  That's why I had skin side down to start to avoid any raw bird juices...then flipped it over a few hours into the process...After the flip I figured some juices would flow but by that time it would be good for the ribs...but I could be wrong.  Let me hear it.


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