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pork shoulder Q-view..........

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i started a new thread from the other one i had going with pictures as asked for....i copy/pasted my last post from other thread and edited it a bit....ok i went with skin on picinic shoulders that weighed 11.04 and 10.53 lbs each....i only lost 2lb 12oz from each one after taken the skin and some junk off of each....but i had to slice off some pork to get to some fat and under lying white i had two flat slabs of pork, trimmed also with 6 smaller chunks of pork....grabbed my butchers twine and rolled the biggest pieces around the smaller chunks and tied it them done, olive oiled, rubbed and wrapped and in the fridge at 7pm thursday i have bout a 9lb and an 8lb shoulder and a smaller all pork ball that were ready for the smoker at 10am today 


4th smoke 01.JPG


4th smoke 02.JPG


sorry i forgot pic's before i foiled them at 160, as i'm typing this now all i'm waiting for is 3 more degree's till a towl them then into the cooler for a couple of hours....they had a great golden brown bark to them with the meat pulling back from the leg bones....i'll get pic's of them when i get ready to pull them....i'm trying a twist on a finishing sauce that goes as follows....


1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup apple juice

1/4 cup jack daniels BB Q sauce

1/2 cup mollasses

1 tbsp paprika paprika

1 tbsp black pepper

3/4 cup brown sugar


i also used some of this sauce as a braise when i foiled the pork....well more pic's in a few hours when i pull it  ...........bob



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Looks like a good start. Im sure they will finish great

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well after 11 hours in the smoker and 2 hours in the cooler here they are out of the foil....


4th smoke 03.JPG


4th smoke 05.JPG


nice moist wet bottom....


4th smoke 04.JPG


the little ball of scraps i tied up....


4th smoke 06.JPG


all pulled....


4th smoke 07.JPG


i'll try to get a table spread pic tommorrow  .............bob



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Looks great. Cant wait to see the pics from tomorrow.

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sorry guys couldn't get the camera out fast enough before they all consumed the food....they turned out even better after 3 hours in the oven, super tender and use hamburger potato rolls....had corn on the cob, potato, cole slaw, mac salad and everything else ya can think of..........bob



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Great looking feast man - looks like it turned out great

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Looks great!  Nice job.

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Well the meat looks great and the rest sounds wonderful so I'm sure all your guest really ate well and enjoyed the whole feast.

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vultures i tell ya vultures  ..........bob



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