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Spilt or chunky?

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Which is better use with a side fire box, split logs or chunks?

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First off, welcome.  Now on to your question... that's really going to depend on the smoker and woodbox.  I'm guessing you are using something like a charbroil smoker with a small offset, and in that case your main heat will come from some sort of coal (traditional or lump) and you'll create the smoke using wood chips or chunks... but a little can go a long way. 


Now if you are using a big offset, like on some of our reverse flows, typically that is just a good ole fire going in that box with regular split logs.


Hope that helps... what'cha smokin with?

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Depends on the size of your  firebox, the size of your splits and how much fuel you can safely add at one time.  I find that with my small offset small chunks work very well.  I also use charcoal as my main fuel source.  The smaller chunks can make the fire burn hotter (more surface area available to the fire) but you can control how much you add easier.


If the size of the firebox is not a concern you will appreciate the fact that you can usually go a longer time without adding fuel if you use large splits.

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Splits are fine in my SFB, but try to avoid the outside pieces with the bark.  Even cured bark tends to produce a lot of thick white smoke.  I burn those in my fireplace and save the nice inside pieces to cook with.

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