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1) I can't view threads started in, or view the following forums/sub forums:



SMF Events Planning Committee Forum;


Announcements Forum and all sub-forums;


General Discussion Forum.



Could this be an incompatibility issue with Blackberry, or could it be my wireless provider?


I was running Firefox, then I switched to IE, then Blackberry...same story with all three browsers.



2) Also, I can start a new thread (only in the limited forums I can view), but I cannot reply to any thread with my Blackberry.



Could these be incompatibility issue with the Blackberry, or somehow, with my wireless provider?


Note: I was running Firefox, and when I noticed things were missing/fouled-up on the forum, I tried IE, then, Blackberry...same story with all three browsers. This has been going on for quite awhile...maybe since I got the Blackberry over a month ago.


This is not a serious issue for me...just wanted to let Admin know. I have my PC at home to do most of my forum activities, so, please, take care of your high priority stuff first, OK?